Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sky Meadows Snowden

Sky Meadows is a gem. It's exit 23 off Interstate 66, way before the turn to Shenandoah National Park in Front Royal and much closer than Shenandoah River State Park in Bentonville, but it was deserted.

Next time we go I hope the girls will be brave enough to try the North Ridge Trail. They were almost there, but then had second thoughts about encountering cattle in the wild. I don't think the cows will hurt us, but you can never be sure. I haven't seen very many athletic, aggressive cows.

We opted for the Snowden loop after the cows were too scary and we were lucky. The Snowden loop reminded me of the Merrimac Farms trail from Prince William County, wandering through light green spring vegetation and a little stream with lots of wildflowers. The trail is rated easy and is only a little over a mile, but  with two little girls, this trail took well over an hour.

The Snowden trail is very well maintained with several bridges over little creek crossings. This bridge even had a wire grate placed on it to help people not slip.   

The gift shop at Sky Meadow is the best-stocked I've seen. They have educational games, stuffed animals for creatures and birds that live in the park, camping supplies, and snacks.


I would love to come here for a Star Party if our bedtime wasn't at 8:00 PM. Apparently, there are several coming up. I want to come here again.

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