Sunday, October 26, 2014

I Couldn't Start the Fire

The survival book made it seem so easy. Crumpled paper. Twigs. Kindling. Dry wood. Light the fire. Done.

We did a fun hike with a shopping bag to collect twigs on the trail from Culler's Overlook to the RV campground.

We had our smore sticks, our marshmallows, chocolate, and our Graham cracker squares.

We put four $1 bills into the collection box and carried a bad of heavy wood back to our camp site.

I tried. And tried. And tried again.

I rearranged the paper, the kindling. I lit. I blew air on the little fire.

I blew so much breath I felt lightheaded. I thought about that guy from Survivor who passed out into his fire many years ago. Maybe he fainted because he was blowing his breath on to his fire.

After an hour of trying to start a fire, I have up and played Crazy 8's in the tent with the girls.

When I got home, I saw the large, unopened box of firestarters in the garage. Next time I will take one.

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